You will learn how to paddle on lakes, flowing waters, and foaming rapids during a four-hour canoe trip. Our boats are two-person Indian canoes.


The most enjoyable rapid section of our trip is called the Heijostenkosket rapids. We will paddle from one rapid to the next in quickly flowing water over this three-kilometre rapid section. After the trip we will get nice and warm in a bunker smoke sauna and enjoy salmon cooked on an open fire and a pit roast.


We can modify the canoe or rapid trip to suit your wishes!


Bring your clients along on a nature trip and teach them how to go down a rapid!


Canoe guide Hannu Strengell

Hannu Strengell
puh. 0400 541 766

Saarijärven kaupunki / Matkailupalvelut
Sivulantie 11, PL 13,  43101 Saarijärvi