the globe statue

Learn about the life’s work of Matti Rutanen – a monument in the middle of nature

Maapallopatsas – the Globe Statue is a monument created by Matti Rutanen (22.2.1888-6.10.1964) in Mahlu from 1950 to 1955.


The statue is made of concrete, iron, copper and glass. It depicts an interpretation by Rutanen of Jesus on the cross and preaching, Mary the mother of God and the past and future of mankind. The script at the foot of the statue presents the divine message received by Rutanen during his revelation.


Nearby there are Matti Rutanen’s dwellings. He has given at least two reasons for sculpting the statue: he had promised it during a battle in Tampere and God had told him to do it in a vision. President Kekkonen is said to have given 6000 FIM for making the statue. During the making and even later the statue got quite a bit of attention. It became a tourist attraction. Had the monument’s unveiling ceremony taken place it would have been the most important event ever in Saarijärvi – invitations were to be sent to heads of state, including Queen Elisabeth II. The centermost building on the site was reserved especially for the disposal of Her Majesty herself. The ceremony was, sadly, never to come to pass.


Matti was a gunsmith, a fisherman and a hunter. The Globe Monument is located in the village of Mahlu on the Saarijärvi-Pylkönmäki road. It was restored in 1973 under the instructions of sculptor Kain Tapper and was later roofed. The sculpture, together with its backdrop of buildings, forms a work of significant cultural-historical importance.

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