Saarijärvi church

A church in the middle of town!

The Saarijärvi parish was established in 1628. The current church was built in 1846 to 1849, and it is the third church to be built on the same spot. The previous churches were built in 1628 and 1649.


The church is a masterpiece of 19th century design and construction with an 18-meter-wide cupola dominating the main hall. Such a sizeable cupola would normally require a stone frame, so to find one in a wooden church is counted among the notable achievements of Finnish architecture in the 19th century.


You can also visit the church by making an appointment with church official Pia Rantala. Prayer hours can be arranged in conjunction with your visit; please inquire within the church registry office.


While your there, do also visit the Pylkönmäki church designed by Jaakko Kuorikoski in 1864 and renovated by Alvar Aalto in 1926.


Keskustie 40, 43440 Pylkönmäki


church official Pia Rantala 040 8246 825 church registry office 040 1534 736


A church guide is on location in the summer, see more details at

Paavontie 8
43100 Saarijärvi

+358 40 824 6825 / church official Pia Rantala

+358 40 1534 736 / church registry office

Saarijärven kaupunki / Matkailupalvelut
Sivulantie 11, PL 13,  43101 Saarijärvi