Lumpero theatre

Moving theatre by the Pieni Lumperoinen lake

The traditional Saarijärvi summer theatre is located by the Pieni Lumperoinen Lake near the Kukonhiekka dance hall. The theatre is popular and its actors are experienced amateurs and young talents. Guest stars are also invited when necessary.


A rising, covered auditorium for 500 persons and roofed cafeteria


More information and show times in the event calendar and on the theatre website.


Smartum culture vouchers accepted.

Lumperontie 8
43100 Saarijärvi

Information and bookings

+358 44 042 4464 / Riitta Lintunen

Saarijärven kaupunki / Matkailupalvelut
Sivulantie 11, PL 13,  43101 Saarijärvi