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Saarijärvi is a beautiful, appealing, and healthy environment in which to grow – it is a city full of entrepreneurs, expertise, and culture in northern Central Finland.

One of our best parts is the wonderful downtown area, which has been constructed on an islet in the middle of three lakes: the Saarijärvi, Lumperoinen, and Herajärvi lakes. Here you can live by a lake and in the middle of a city at the same time!

In addition to wonderful landscapes, Saarijärvi offers its inhabitants, summer guests, and other visitors a wealth of culture services and recreational opportunities.

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Saarijärvi is in the heart of Central Finland and it is easy to reach.


Helsinki 340 km

Jyväskylä 70 km

Oulu 310 km

Tampere 190 km

Äänekoski 35 km

Viitasaari  70 km

Karstula 35 km

Ähtäri 70 km

Nearest train station in Jyväskylä 70 km

Nearest airport in Jyväskylä 50 km

Saarijärvi - Popular since prehistoric times

Saarijärvi is among the oldest settlements in Finland – a settlement over 10,000 years old has been discovered in Selänpäänjoki of Pylkönmäki.

Finland’s national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg lived in Saarijärvi during the years 1823-1825. Here the young poet encountered a new and fascinating environment, and that experience was later distilled into fine poetry. Farmer Paavo was Runeberg’s first significant poem about a Finnish-speaking man of the people.

Tulevaisuuden Saarijärvi (Saarijärvi of the future) is a short film about Saarijärvi directed by Niilo Heino in 1955. It shows representation of the municipality, sights, artisans at work and sports. Source: Elonet

City of Saarijärvi

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43100 Saarijärvi