Fascinating animals and enjoyable adventures

Veijari is a combination of activities, animals, and beautiful nature. The park offers adventures on land and in water. It features for example an Adventure trail, football billiards, large bouncy castles, and pedal cars. You can go on water in a canoe, boat, or raft, and nothing is better on a hot day than swimming.


There are ponies, alpacas, pigs, chickens, and many other animals in the animal yard. The reptile house is home to more exotic friends, such as snakes and lizards. The furry nest is home to rabbits and rodents. The fish oasis lets you see what kinds of fish are swimming under the water in Finnish lakes. Pony walks and quad bike rides are available twice a day.


You can bring you own food or enjoy the offering of the Food court. The Kappelilampi summer café serves ice cream and refreshments from 11:00 to 18:00.


The Veijari activity park has much to see and do for one day. If you buy a day pass, you are welcome to visit the park the following day as well for the same price!

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Veijari: 0400 621 663

5.6.-26.8. open every day from 11am to 6pm.,

even on Midsummer.


Tickets available at the webshop 

and at the gates (price in parentheses):


Activity ticket 20€ (22€)

Children younger than 3 0.00€

Pensioners 13.00€ (15€)

Family ticket 73.00€ (75€) (incl. 4 persons belonging to the same family, additional children 13€ per child)
Season pass 90€


Veijari activity park has much to see and do for one day. When you purchase a day ticket, we will let you into the park for the same price the following day! The offer is included in all of the above ticket types until the end of the season. 

More ticket types and experiences in the webshop.

Saarijärven kaupunki / Matkailupalvelut
Sivulantie 11, PL 13,  43101 Saarijärvi