TehoTassut / Tehovastus Agility Arena

Speed and recreation with dogs

The agility section of the Saarijärvi Kennel Club organizes agility, rally obedience and obedience training and unofficial competitions and match shows. The hunting section also organizes hunt tests. In cooperation with other clubs the club organizes a conformation show for all breeds every three year.


The Agility section of the SSKK has rented a former industrial building. The Tehovastus Agility Arena is warmed to a basic level (approximately +10º C even in winter). The hall is about 900 m2, it has artificial turf. The practice area in the hall is approximately 660 m2 and it can be divided into two parts.

Rentontie 7
43100 Saarijärvi

Saarijärven kaupunki / Matkailupalvelut
Sivulantie 11, PL 13,  43101 Saarijärvi